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After the enormous success of Chania Beach Party 2011, 2012 & 2013 the fourth beach party will be held in the beach of Xrysi Akti.

The beach of Xrysi Akti is located only 2,5 km to the west of Chania Town. It is popular among both locals and tourists.

Although it tends to get crowded in high seasons, especially during weekends, it is still a bit quieter than other resorts in Chania.

Xrysi Akti beach is totally sandy and it is not affected by the summer winds. In combination to this, its shallow waters make it advisable for children. There are many accommodation options near the beach.

The beach of Xrysi Akti can be reached by the regular bus service as well as by taxis and cars.

Chania beach party will take place on Friday, the 8th of August 2014.

The party will start at 19.00 and will carry on until the morning after, celebrating the summer peak in Chania. 

People from all over Greece, and visitors from around the world will have a great chance to live an unforgettable night, with dj shows, live acts and great visual shows and happenings throughout the night.

We wish you all a great party, and a safe party you will always remember!








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Hi Federico and welcome to Chania Beach Party 2014. Would you please introduce yourself to our readers in a few lines?

Hello This is Federico Scavo and I am really keen on meeting you on the dancefloor for this amazing party. I have been producing and globetrotting around the world for 20 years so far and my main most important goal is to make people enjoy my music both in productions and dj sets and about the rest I wish that all my productions, remixes and djs sets could tell more about who I am 

I know you've been djing for over 20 years. Which do you consider to be your best moment?

There are quite few best moments, festivals are a great sensation but sometimes tiny clubs can give a great feeling and vibe too, so it's hard for me to say.
Definetively starting to work around the world has made a big difference, getting to know different cultures in a different way from a different point of view than being a tourist is a privilege

Do you enjoy djing more than production?

I couldn't be a producer without being a dj, so here again hard for me to say, I love both and every day of my life is about music

I've noticed you do many remixes and always give tracks some extra energy. Is that carried into your djs sets also? 

Absolutely, my djs sets are pure energy which comes from inside and need to express both in productions, remixes and sets which I always try to make as unique

How would you describe your style?

actually I would say that it is house but groovy, funky and pumping

Do you think Greek and Italian clubbers have similarities? 

Yes they are in a way similar, but as far as I know there are many Italians during summer in Greece :-) , we all love Greece and its natural beauties and I guess this also belongs to something deeeply connectd with our origins

What shall we expect to hear from you on the 8th of August? 

... Surprise... but as I said nothing similar to any of my other dj sets 

What have you heard about Chania Beach Party? 

I have great expectations, I have heard people love to party and are very 'reactive ', so really look forward to being there

Do you have any new productions coming up? Will we have the chance to hear any unreleased stuff from you that night?

Yes new productions on toolroom, remix on ultra and a release on my own record  label called area 94 as well as on division and of course I will play some of them at Chania (great) Beach party..SEE YOU THERE!






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