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Rob Lee, a DJ well known for his energy. You can tell by the big smile which he’s wearing during his performance. This is why a lot of people like to go to parties & festivals just for him. His appearance, skills and interaction with the crowd makes him very wanted.

It’s all about a straightforward vision. For the preparations and the party itself. At the end everyone gets what they deserve, thanks to the hard work and dedication Rob has to offer.

At the end creativity is his middle name. By founding concepts called ‘Cube’ (in- & outdoor) and ‘Lee and You’ (monthly club) he proves to be an allrounder in the business.

Rob’s shows can be defined as energetic, strong and impressive. The eclectic sound is far from mainstream but on the other hand very recognisable. You always hear the massive bangers including his own outstanding productions.

Experience is drawn from the 100+ gigs at the biggest clubs/festivals in Holland, and some international mini-tours. The variety of places, countries & audience gave Rob the opportunity to create different kind of sets, just to be sure to deliver every time he’s booked.

Rob states; ‘’Every time I play for a crowd it’s like a reward for all the hard work behind the scenes. A final releasing of all my energy and skills. I’ve got to build a house, rock the house and break the house down! Nothing is more important than the energy, the music and, above all, my fans’’

This tall, charismatic guy is ready to leave more impressions!





Christy Million is one of the fastest growing female dj in 2016. During last year she performed in some of the best clubs in Italy, France, Thailand, Latvia and many others. Thanks to this, she increased her Facebook followers from 150k to almost 900k!

This summer 2017 she'll be a part of one of the biggest festivals in Spain, Marenostrum, among others.

Christy is
also an EDM singer and in January she released her first big release through the legendary label Mixmash Records which reached #26 on Beatport chart!

But she wants more, and is currently working on many different vocal projects with young and talented producers from different countries all around the world.

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DJ AndreZ P

 “If we want things bad enough, sometimes we make’em happen! It seems only yesterday when I remember mixing up tracks, using two CD players and recording stuff on cassettes. A sensible vibe used to heat me every time I was window shopping all those mixers and pickups until finally, the day came when I took that big step spending most of my childhood savings and getting equipped with my first DJ set. However, I wasn’t even close of becoming a real DJ, it took years of continuous practice and work to make me what I am today!”  DJ Andrez P

DJ Andrez P (Andreas Patsalides), made his first move during the late 90s by playing mainstream music in high school Parties, houses, warehouses and mostly any imaginable place teenagers used to have fun during that time. Furthermore, Hip Hop and RnB was the current top music’s cutting edge and similarly Andrez P’s attention was grabbed. The Interest for vinyls, scratching, baggy jeans and fubu hoodies was grown naturally as Andrez P was 15 years old and the year was 1999.
Growing up, Andrez P began his DJ career positively as he was warming up at the Cream Xtream club in Nicosia (nowadays Club Nuovo). In addition, he became Wednesday’s resident DJ at Skorpios Club early in the year 2003, and Friday’s resident DJ at club Traffic, what used to be Cream Xtream. Moreover, the “word of mouth” effect worked perfectly for Andrez P as he was detected and offered the 2004 summer residency of Waikiki club, in Zante, Greece. The experience earned in Zante has been seriously life changing. For the first time Andrez P, played in massive venues filled with people from all around Europe and the Middle East and received lots of positive feedback from various people and professional DJs he met. Andrez P returned back to Cyprus with wisdom, his skills leveled up and his first tattoo which represents his family. That summer will never be forgotten as it shaped Andrez P’s future in Djing. 
What is more, returning back to Cyprus Andrez P got the residency of the Ekrixi club, the only club in Nicosia dedicated to the urban style of Hip Hop and RnB during 2005. Additionally, his reputation as a respected DJ among the current Hip Hop and Rnb society in Cyprus was early earned and thus established Andrez P as one the best DJs in Cyprus playing the certain style. Beyond that, Andrez P received his first DJ award as Cyprus 1st Runner Best Pioneer DJ 2005, and rose to popularity all over Cyprus and Greece. Accordingly, he appeared in many venues around the UK, Europe and the Middle East and became one of the first Cypriot DJs who played alongside with well known DJs from all around the globe. Popularity evolved to fame as Andrez P made more appearances in various big events and soon became well known for playing at Private parties of all kinds from beach parties to huge mansions to boats. Followed by his experience and success as an expert DJ in the urban styles of music, Andrez P has likewise mastered his playing in other kinds of music as well. From electro trance to house and dubstep, from pop to reggeton, and from Greek pop to all kinds of Greek Music.      
Cyprus 1st Runner Best Pioneer Dj 2005
Events/Collaborations/Opening Sets/Guest Appearances 
Dj Sammy Sam (Mtv Base Europe), Dj Skinz (Ministry of Sound) Dj Ricky Chilli Source ( BBC 1 XTRA), Dj Mary Ferrari, Dj Mary Claire, Dj Gigli, Dj Souliotis ( Sfera Radio), Michalis Hadjiyiannis, Constandinos Argyros, Giorgos Tsalikis, Ablaze (Family the Lable), Kids Shelter Foundation (Charity), Famous Grouse Awards, Eurovision Pre Party for Ivi Adamou 2012,
To name some: Traffic, Scorpios, Ekrixi, Teez, Playroom, Fresh, Mo, Shiraz, Waikiki (Zante Greece), C lounge, Castle (Beirut Lebanon), Berdema, Prive, Zoo Lounge, Zoo Club, Passion Club (Ayia Napa), House Lounge Bar (Limassol), Blue Martini (Makentzi, Larnaca), Preserve ( Larnaca), Venue City (Larnaca), Cafe Mercedes (Nicosia), C House Lounge Bar (Nicosia), Sitio Club, Toy Club















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